About Us

Curated Findings is an online Thrift and Consignment Store established in January 2020 as an attempt to renew the soul of creation of fashion and textile products. The aim is to curate hand-picked thrift and rare fashion items and home accessories and to provide an affordable sustainable alternative to buying fast fashion.
Fashion industry generates a lot of wastage and utilises a considerable amount of resources during its production (for example, a single T-shirt requires 700 gallons of water to be produced) and adding to it, we as consumers do not use what we buy to its full efficiency and discard clothing very quickly. While people want to make a difference, buying from sustainable brands is not feasible for all, we are here with an even more fashionable solution- Thrifting!


Our core values revolve around 5 R’s-


Nothing ever really goes out of fashion! Rewear as much as you can and stop feeling guilty about rewearing your favourite pieces every now and then! Renovate your looks and experiment by styling them differently. Pair your favourite shirt over a dress, layer with a sweater or that classic trench coat in your wardrobe!


We all have some pieces in our wardrobe that we have either worn too much or too little and can’t wear for some reason or the other. Re-create what you have and upcycle it into something new!


Approach recycling centres to give away your absolutely worned out clothing. Alternatively, you can also take them to the brands who accept all and every kind of clothing for recycling. By doing this, you can make sure that your clothes are discarded responsibly.


Fashion items consume a huge amount of Earth’s resources and are produced on the cost of unfair wages and a work environment. While buying a new clothing item from a fast fashion company, we are compromising on the future presence of these resources.
To increase the lifecycle of these pieces, it’s time we adapt the basic techniques of repairing and fixing basic flaws. So fix that small hole or that loose button everytime you come across one!


Dig into your closet and find your old favourites and fall in love with them all over again or find someone who would love them- donate them, conduct fun clothing swaps amongst your friends and family or be a part of our RELOVE Community.
As a part of our RELOVE Project, we provide our platform to our audience to help them clear out excess fashion and art items from their closets! We aim at making secondhand fashion cool again! Click here if you’d like to sell with us.


We are a team of two sustainability enthusiasts and fashion lovers- Mushfiqah and Tamanna. Buying fast fashion was no more an option for us- personally; and buying from sustainable brands was out of our budget. Thrifting came as a rescue to us and we realised that it’s a great alternative for people who want to quit fast fashion and cannot afford to buy from sustainable brands. Hence, we turned to thrifting and second-hand fashion and wanted to share this with everyone!