Clothes Box Foundation is a high-impact social organisation that has helped over 4.2 Million individuals with clean wearables in 124 villages areas across India. It was established in 2014 to help the victims of unfortune lacking relief amenities, with a significant focus on clean clothing. With time they realised that millions of people residing in the underdeveloped areas of our country lack access to clean clothing. That is how they decided to change this by using the power of social media and connecting the haves and have-nots. What started as a conscious thought became a significant turning point. As they grew, they received thousands of clothes in donations that were unfit to be used, which led them to establish their in-house recycling facility – Refresh. Through Refresh, they train, employ and remunerate marginalised women for recycling waste fabric which also happens to be a growing problem globally. They have worked with multiple brands on distribution and recycling projects, reusing tons of material and impacting the lives of millions. All their products are curated and designed by the women at Refresh that helps them achieve financial independence.


Transparency and sustainability at each step of our working is very significant for us. Which is why we are ecstatic to announce that we have partnered with Clothes Box Foundation to ensure that every article that reaches us completes one journey or the other – in the most sustainable way. When you choose to sell with us, you can opt to donate your unsold items at the end of their term to Clothes Box Foundation at the click of a button. We take care of the logistics, sorting and repairing if required. With this collaboration, we aim at empowering the women of our society working with the foundation, and responsibly send the articles on a new journey while closing the loop and contributing towards a circular fashion economy. We also intend to connect the articles with the right end user and trust the work of Clothes Box Foundation.