Illustrated by Nazarbuttu and written by Curated Findings, this zine offers you an insight into the workings of a Thrift Store in India.

We launched the zine, Making Secondhand Culture Cool Again Issue #1, in collaboration with Visual Artist, Nazarbuttu aka Ayushi to increase awareness upon the idea of thrifting in a creative and quirky way. Our favourite part about this collaboration is knowing that Ayushi is a fellow sustainability enthusiast and works a great deal in upcycling and with waste products. Our values connect which makes her a perfect partner for Curated Findings!

The story behind this collaboration is an interesting one. We have known Ayushi and her work since 2019 and were showcasing our curation in a pop-up alongside her in November’21. That’s when her creative mind led to thinking about a potential collaboration, and we started to discuss it then and there. After about a month, we launched the zine in an offline event, Art Curry in New Delhi, where both of our businesses were exhibiting together, yet again. And now, the zine is up for grabs in our online stores.

But what exactly is a zine? A zine is a small-circulation self-published work that usually talks about one or two particular topics. In other words, it’s a smaller version of a maga‘zine’

This zine talks about Thrifting in India and beyond that. Made in 100% recycled, and cotton rag papers, this zine is hand-bound using waste threads in saddle stitch. It covers the following topics-

  • What is thrifting?
  • Where do these clothes come from?
  • Our process
  • Thrifting in India VS Thrifting in the West
  • Why shop secondhand?
  • How to build a secondhand wardrobe?
  • And of course, freebies which include a sticker, a bookmark, a postcard, and a colouring page- appealing your creativity!

For offline availability, people of Bangalore can browse and grab the zine from Kanike Studio’s Zine Festival. They are up and running until 31st March from Monday-Friday, 11 am to 6 pm, carrying a huge collection of zines sent by talented artists from across the country. Go drop by for a fun day-out, but ensure that you are all masked up and obliging by the covid precautions.

We are also contributing INR 200 from the sale of the first 20 copies to the Dharavi Art Room, a community space for local kids to explore life through books and art.

So if you are looking for a coffee table read, or if you are looking for something informative yet something that gets your creative juices flowing, this zine will be your perfect companion! Click here to grab one for yourself.

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